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7 Celebrity Fashion Trends That Are Here To Stay

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Apr 21,2023

When it comes to fashion and trends, people across the globe keep a keen eye on celebrities and their sense of style. For the last few years, social media has been abuzz with fashion celebrities sporting unique outfits and accessories, and that has attracted a lot of attention and traction from the general populace. To help understand the nuances of styling and fashion, here is the list of celebrity fashion trends that are here to stay.

1. Prints
Abstract floral prints have become quite the rage, and celebrities in fashion are sporting it quite boldly. Be it monochromatic prints as worn by Kriti Sanon at times or multi-colored ones donned by Alia Bhatt, this trend has been turning heads for the last couple of years.

2. Sheer Outfits
Outfits with sleek net, mesh, or lace artistry have been popular for a long time now, and the trend doesn’t show signs of disappearing any time soon. The ability to make it look graceful and stunning at the same time is all the more reason for the hype.

3. Body Positive Outfits
With the wave of body positive movements taking the world by storm recently, it is safe to declare that the Bollywood fashion trends channelling body positivity are here to stay. Celebrities have often come forward and have openly spoken about body image issues, and their fashion sense is always on point. It’s all about comfort!

4. Gender-Neutral Fashion
Non-binary fashion is the new ‘in’ thing. Right from Deepika Padukone to Ananya Pandey, celebs are breaking the stereotypes by sporting fashion trends that are gender-neutral and non-binary. As they say, wear the vibe!

5. Bodycon
Having never gone out of fashion in over two decades, bodycon dresses are a sophisticated look on anyone hoping to accentuate their figure. These outfits suit any and every occasion from professional parties to social get together, and celebrities have been slaying the look for far too long.

6. Maternity Wear
For a long time now, maternity wear has been equated to baggy and oversized clothing, but that is set to change. We all are still in awe of the amazing maternity style statement by Kareena Kapoor and recently Alia Bhatt joined the league sporting beautiful yet stylish outfits. Alia Bhatt’s new brand Ed-A-Mamma, is all about comfortable and stylish maternity wear leaving a mark in the world of fashion.

7. Neon Colours
Having been revived in the post-pandemic era, all things neon have become massively popular with fashion celebrities. From matching masks and outfits to trendy neon jewellery, the bright hues are sure to leave the onlookers spellbound on a bright summer day. After the takeover of social media by neon colours, we can assume that the trend will be with us for a long time.