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6 ways you are contributing to the destruction of your Kids Health

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Jul 09,2018

Bringing a new life into this world, taking care of it and nurturing it isn’t easy. And if you aren’t ready for the same, it is not getting any easier. We as parents might not realise how we are contributing to the destruction of our kid’s, both mentally and physically.

In this fast-paced life, we find it hard to spend time with our kids. This has certainly affected their health. This is not just about a specific segment but is the overall current situation. Let’s discuss what causes these situations and what you must do to avoid it.

1. Lack of Communication
Communication is the key to strengthen relations and also plays a vital role in keeping the health of your kids in good condition. There are cases where children feel incomplete when there is no communication between them and parents. 

Growing of anxiety, indulging in wrong diet and depression are some of the effects that are witnessed in the overall aspect of kid’s health. This shows how imperative it is for you to have communication with your children on a daily basis.

2. Putting Your Child at The Receiving End of Your Anger
In many cases, kids are the centre of point of mistake or overall development happening around. Working parents venting out their office anger on kids leads to difference between the two. Lashing out at them only makes them scared of you. They fear to express, and this certainly leads to negative result on their overall health.

3. Imposing Your Beliefs
As your children grow up, you might not like many things that they do or a couple of habits that they have. This does not entitle you to impose your decisions on them. Imposing your decisions will only push them away and not let them cultivate their own ideas.

4. Possible Effects of Smoking and Drinking
Largely witnessed in families belonging to an upper class, parents who smoke and drink at home influence their kids into it. But to be precise, minority children and those who belong to poor backgrounds are also exposed to these unhealthy habits. 

Watching parents smoke and drink induces them to try out once, resulting in addiction. Parents do not understand the gravity of smoking and drinking in front of their kids.

Many studies have demonstrated the harmful effects on the health of children exposed to passive smoking, largely because of their parents indulging in the activity.

5. The Trend of Buying Packaged Foods
According to Transparency Market Research, the market for packaged food in India and China is huge, followed by US and other countries. Packaged foods aren't good for health because they are not natural, and are lab made. Their harmful effects include obesity, overconsumption, and contribution to bad lifestyle.

Working parents who have no time to cook are the major consumers of packaged foods, and this certainly affects their kid’s health. They get obsessed with junk food, largely avoiding home cooked food.

6. Letting Your Work Stress Hamper Your Child’s Growth
One of the weird things that we do is let our work stress affect our family. We might keep on talking about how stressful our work is or what losses we had. This changes the child’s perseverance and his idea on things like stress. It might also affect his/her mental health in the long run.

Final Words: Making Necessary Changes
There are a lot of things or situations that lead to the destruction of kids. You need to accept the fact that your children won’t learn from what you say but from what example you set.

To ensure that your child is mentally and physically healthy, you have a significant role to play. You need to ensure that you give them time and keep a constant check on your habits that might affect them.

And talking about our fast-paced lifestyle and its consequences, be aware of the growing incidences of diseases associated with it, like heart diseases, cancer etc. Make healthy lifestyle changes in your family.

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Hope this guide will help you to make the required changes in your current lifestyle which will positively affect your kids.