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6 Sustainable Ways to make Eco Conscious Move

Posted by : Johnraj on | Jun 07,2019

6 Sustainable Ways to make Eco Conscious Move

Moving has become so common and is being done a lot. But companies want to go the extra mile in serving the environment which has been deteriorating. Apart from business, companies are getting eco-conscious to save the environment from further pollution. In relocations, so much of scraps are not properly disposed or recycled. Whenever moving to a new residence, unwanted items may not get discarded.

Going green is a high trend in the market, and conglomerate businesses are running many campaigns. Of course, companies cannot bring 100 percent change in their operations to go eco-friendly. But green initiatives can be taken to create a positive impact on the environment along with customers. There are plenty of green ways to keep reduce waste comes out of shifting work.

Did you know? A few small changes to your move can create a huge impact on the environment. It involves how you pack, how to transport which can protect the planet. Yes, you can be humble but still a proud green mover. For the green initiatives you make, you can follow these effective eco-friendly Ways and keep it sustainable. It’s time to be more eco-conscious in most of our activities.

1.    1. Hire an Eco-friendly Relocation Company 

When you are getting ready for shifting, one of the crucial steps to reduce your environmental impact is to choose an eco-friendly company for this service. The company follows green practices for the sake of ecological preservation. Many of the top companies invest money and other resources for a better and cleaner world in the future. The best green relocation companies in the industry will have a fleet of modern fuel-efficient moving vehicles. Use bio-fuel for their green moving trucks use GPS technology to save fuel and plan the route to reach the destination. Efficient packing with eco-friendly materials, recycled cardboard boxes, recycled-reused plastic bins, and biodegradable bubble wraps. Consolidate items effectively to save resources and can charge less for customers.

If you consider hiring an eco-conscious company, there will be more demand for eco-moves and such professional services in the future. Choose a move which has proven to be efficient to keep the earth clean.

2. Start Planning Early

A green move really needs proper planning in advance. It means to have a clear idea for the arrangements to make and the materials required for the green movement. Start a few months before you move. It will be better to collect specifically reusable moving materials. You can plan fantastic ways to reduce unnecessary waste cause during move instead of buying brand new packing materials. As the moving day comes closer, you will be set with your plan and hire an eco-friendly moving company. You can even organize your items which might be adding extra-weight unnecessarily. It can give a huge carbon footprint. If you find unwanted things, you can sort it by selling or donating it to someone else.

2.    3. Reusability Habit is Good

Reusing card boxes is the right choice as it would save money and unnecessary garbage. 1/3 of all landfill waste is comprised of boxes and other packing material. For efficient packing, you can rent sustainable containers which are stackable, waterproof, and can be assembled. Once you moved, you can reuse it or give to someone else voluntarily. Donation for reusability is one of the wisest ways to get rid of unwanted clothing, craft supplies, furniture, housewares, and old tech goods. You can even make money if you sell the good ones. But it is not a good idea to dump into the environment for the simple reason of not using it.

3.    4. Use Eco-friendly Packing Materials

You should know that your house is already full of materials which can be used for packing. Instead of bubble wrap, you can use newspaper, egg cartons, old clothes, towels to pad fragile items during packing. Newspaper is best for glassware, ceramic plates and, etc. If you still want to buy padding foams, choose reusable pads or specially marked biodegradable bubble wrap. Once you hire a green moving company, it will take care of eco-friendly packing and also get your savings.

4.    5. Box it up Right and Wrap Wisely

You need to declutter and organize your possessions. You can save empty drawers and suitcases to cut down the necessity of packing materials. You can even wrap kitchen-goods inside a pot instead of just stuffing with paper. Packing materials would get cluttered in a new location you moved once you unloaded an unpacked. In that way, it would not add an extra load of packing materials in all the goods to be moved. You can contribute towards environmental preservation in these green ways of boxing, wrapping as the paper and cardboard packaging waste goes to landfilling finally. You can use your old clothing materials like socks, jumpers, towels, even soft toys for the gap-filling in boxes to protect items like artwork or furniture.

5.    6. Use Greener Transportation

It would be eco-friendly to transport in an emission-free manner. Choose companies which follow eco-friendly transportation to reduce carbon footprint in the environment. It is one of the useful contributions to global warming, pollution, health problems, and even energy conservation. It is, in fact, durable and inexpensive mobility. Electric-based vehicles can considerably be eco-friendlier and develop such green standards in the market for delivery using greener transportation.  

 Let us try to start at least to leave a smaller environmental footprint, moving has been actually, heavy on energy and emissions. Donation plays a significant role in saving the environment. It covers the process of recycling and avoids unnecessary wastage and landfilling. You can make it work in your own humble and affordable ways to save the environment from further deterioration. You can pack smarter and use eco-alternatives for conventional wrapping. It can even make you lead a better life with minimalistic goals to keep the environment cleaner.

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