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6 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Allergic Cough Treatment

Posted by : multicare homeopathy on | Jan 28,2019

6 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Allergic Cough Treatment

Allergic reactions in the respiratory pathways are the primary factor leading to an allergic cough. The exposure of airways to allergens such as dust, smoke, paint or pollen grains could lead to inflammation of the linings of the airways due to irritation by the allergens. The inflammation is responsible for narrowing the airways and subsequent deposition of mucous along the linings thereby leading to an array of symptoms and causes. Homeopathy treatment for allergic cough has been termed as an effective option to deal with the disease, and over time it also tends to show better results without any side effects. The allergic reactions responsible for an allergic cough could either be chronic or mild, and it is essential for people experiencing chronic allergic cough to be aware of the seasonal variations and symptoms of the disease.

Clinically signs and symptoms

The symptoms for an allergic cough are:

·         Shortness of breath.

·         Coughing and excessive production of mucus or sputum.

·         Wheezing while breathing.

·         Difficulties in performing physically intensive activities.

·         Feeling of heaviness in the chest and tightening.

Homeopathy treatment for an allergic cough

The homeopathic remedies which have been proven effective in the case of an allergic cough are:

·         Bryonia.

·         Antim Tart.

·         Antimonium Arsenicum.

·         Rhus Tox.

·         Pulsatilla.

·         Euphrasia.

·         Allium Cepa.

·         Tuberculinum.

·         Sabadilla.

·         Hepar Sulphur.