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6 Amazing Facts That Make Node JS A Top Choice For Web App Development

Posted by : Ashish Sharma on | May 20,2021

6 Amazing Facts That Make Node JS A Top Choice For Web App Development

The entry of disruptive technology into the technology market will always bring a shock, but it is often abandoned. However, this is certainly not the case with Node.js. It is an open-source, cross-platform Chrome-based JavaScript runtime platform. Node.js was developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009, and the platform has now become a unique choice for real-time web application development, improving ROI by providing a highly interactive user experience.

The biggest advantage of using Node.js is that developers can write JavaScript on the client and server-side. It is worth mentioning that companies like PayPal, Yahoo, eBay, Netflix, The Mail Online, and Walmart have implemented their businesses by using Node.js. Continue reading below to learn about the top 6 main reasons why most companies choose Node.js to build web applications.

6 reasons behind the surge in popularity of using Node.js for web app development:

1. Speed Up Development

Node.js uses the V8 engine developed by Google, which can compile JavaScript into native machine code and execute it quickly. Since Node.js uses an event-driven non-blocking I/O model, it is very efficient and portable for memory usage and data-intensive real-time web applications and can work on multiple devices.

Using Node.js, you can perform common Web application tasks very quickly, such as reading or writing to a database, reading or writing to a network connection, and reading or writing to the file system. Node.js is a boon for developers who want to build fast, powerful, and secure web applications. Developers from mobile app development company in India and other countries prefer to work with Node.Js technology for quick mobile app development.

2. Ideal For Real-Time Application Development

Currently, almost every mobile app development or web development company searches for user information in real-time. A simple reason is that when generating customer information, reliable access to customer information provides an important way to promote business sales, by providing users with what they are actually looking for, rather than the randomness of interest. And in the past few years, using Node.js to build real-time web app has become the best way.

Using Node.js, you can build a real-time Web application as quickly as creating a simple blog in PHP. Node.js is very suitable for multi-user real-time web application scenarios, such as games and chat applications.

3. Data Flow

Although HTTP request and response are considered to be two isolated events, they are actually data streams. The advantage of Node.js is that it can process files during upload. Therefore, when the data appears in the form of a stream, a lot of time wasted in the overall process can be saved. This is also the case for real-time video or audio.

4. Node.js is everywhere

JavaScript can be used in both the browser and the server. If a company needs to change the build logic for the browser side to move to the server-side, developers can easily do so by using Node.js code migration. Nevertheless, writing code that runs on the browser or server-side does not make much difference.

5. Allow web applications to use a single code base

Using Node.js, developers can automatically send and synchronize data between the server and the client, because it allows developers to write JavaScript code for the server and the client. Meteor is a web application framework created on top of Node.js, which provides the same code base support for the client and server. Any data changes on the server will be displayed immediately on the client.

6. Serve the proxy server

One of the biggest advantages of using Node.js is that when it is used as a proxy server, it provides services for services with different response times, or provides services for collecting data from multiple sources.

For a better understanding, look at the following example: an enterprise has a server-side application that communicates with third-party resources, collects data from different sources, or stores images and videos in third-party cloud services. Now, although enterprises can use dedicated servers, Node.js is a better choice when there is no infrastructure or when a solution is needed for local development.

When To Use Node.Js

You can use Node Js Development for the following-

- Live Chat

- Video Streaming App

- API At The Top Level Of The Object Database

- Queue Input

- Data Flow

- Data Interface For Stock Traders

- Application Monitoring Dashboard

- System Monitoring Dashboard

Where To Use Node.Js

- Server-side web application

When Should You Not Use Node.Js

- Server-Side Web Application With Relational Database

- Heavy Server-Side Calculation And Processing


Node.JS is the most popular technology which is widely being used for building secure, fast, and high-performance backend for web application. If you are planning to development mobile app then you should consider Node JS for secure APIs development. You can hire NodeJS developer or best mobile app development company in Jaipur who can provide you the best Node JS development services that suit both your requirements and budget.