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Chaitra Navratri


Posted by : Mozam Qureshi on | Nov 16,2018

Studying Overseas and living away from home for some students is indeed an ideal situation. It brings in a major change in the life of the student, allowing them to broaden the horizon and get a whole new experience of living a different life, quickly adapting to a new environment, adjusting to a new culture, as well as refining the skills. Studying abroad draws new experiences with a balance in the firmer knowledge of academic, cultural, and many career benefits. Overseas Study changes the whole aspect of life and brings in a lot of career benefits.


Living on your own makes you more independent. As you mature in the whole process of growing up and living alone, you will also learn to become more self-confident. There is no doubt in the saying, Studying abroad not only expands your view of the world but it also has the potential to advance your career prospects. As by the study abroad consultants, here are a few of the tips and tricks as to how studying abroad can bring career benefits to you -

l  International Experience :

 Sometimes all it takes is just a new perspective to turn things around!

Studying abroad embraces your opportunity by providing incredible new outlooks, customs, and activities. You open yourself to an international experience which is followed by new knowledge and expertise. Being in a new place can be overwhelming but this international experience adds advantage to build, support network, and look towards positive outlook to things. With studying abroad, one can experience the new outlook to things - including the customs as well as the activities. This doesn’t only benefit to the culture but also allows you to have an opportunity to live the moment of witnessing the natural wonders, terrains, museums, and landmarks. You will also find better understanding as well as immerse yourself in a new way of life - offering an incredible way to live. 

l  Greater Responsibilities :

Study abroad opportunity is without a doubt a wonderful asset.

One of the biggest benefits of studying abroad is that it gives you a fresh perspective towards things. It enhances her adaptability towards social, cultural and professional environments. Studying overseas can be a challenge but it enriches your understanding of different customs and people. The international experiences help you gain an understanding of the global perspective with an introduction to a new academic culture overseas. It gives you a fresh way of thinking, giving different insights and ideas with responsible thought. It even helps you to add up experiences in your portfolio, further allowing you to be more independent and taking greater responsibility from your learning.

l  Expanding your network while boosting your employability :

Variety is the spice of life!

With studying abroad, you will have the opportunity to witness life in a completely new way. Study abroad experience enrich your network and boosts employability. Your time abroad is the best time - it gives you a chance to develop a close friendship, build connections, and develop skills. Studying abroad will allow you to have an opportunity to not just complete degree requirements but also enhance language skills, further making an impact in the community while building a network that is professional.

l  Inter - cultural Development and Personal Growth :

Studying abroad allows you to fully immerse in a different culture as well as building a friendship that would last for a pretty long time. You can get a chance to explore the personal, professional, and academic life that would allow you to gain a positive aspect further reflecting the confidence and the career path. Studying abroad will help you to expand your abilities further helping you to determine capabilities of your own.

Being away from a family seems hard and daunting, but studying abroad removes you from the normal support of the family - helping you gain more skill and confidence. Your increased independence will help you take more responsibility for your action.

l  Network for Your Future with good Employment Prospects :

Studying abroad helps you move out of your comfort zone, further helping you open doors to opportunities and improving the career prospects. Cultural knowledge, surely helps you understand the broader aspects of business and sharing in an advantage in the job market.

With the improved contact base, you get a great chance to add something to your portfolio. This overall experience is invaluable. It’s more like a calling, “Ready, Set, Build your resume!” The international knowledge base helps you to strengthen your ability to work, allowing you to hone in on the communication skills. 

How you can make your experience better?

Here are few of the top tips you can follow by the study abroad consultants to make an experience smooth -

Ø  Set goals for yourself! Make sure you are careful about choosing the course and institution. You wouldn’t want to miss out the spot.

Ø  Research well about the status of your visa, expiration and all the other necessary details to keep yourself secure.

Ø  Immerse in the culture. In order to gain a better international experience, you can also apply for internships and get hold of proper work experience which would give you security.

Ø  Expand your social circle and be open to adaptability. Highlight your diverse cultural experience by getting involved with the people and community.

Conclusion :

As per the recent reports, it is believed that studying abroad helps you give an on edge experience through the competitive skills you gain on your experience abroad. Students who study abroad become aware of a world beyond their borders. Taking the leap to study abroad will make your resume stand out reflecting your skills, independence, patience, and a tolerance for risk-taking. It also reflects on your ability to take initiative showcasing the skills with adaptability and creativity.

Coming down to the final decision of studying abroad is in itself a big decision. Still, want to explore all that you need to know about study overseas, don’t worry - CareerGro got you covered!  With CareerGro, you can unravel the opportunity and boost career through networking.