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4 Tips That Will Help You Get Mentally Fit

Posted by : Rashmi on | Nov 23,2018

Mental health is one of the most neglected aspects of health in India. People are extremely ignorant when it comes to mental care.  Reaching out to a psychiatrist is a taboo for many in India. Meeting a psychiatrist means you are mentally handicapped, this kind of mentality leads to ignorance towards mental health. If you are facing difficulties with your mental stability, it is always safe to reach out to a psychiatrist. It is high time we all start taking good care of our mental health. There has been a tremendous increase in stress related problems with people. People are unaware of the fact that a healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy mind. Having a healthy mental state is as important as eating a healthy diet. You can never progress in your goals with a negative and unhealthy mindset. 

Dr. Dharmendra Singh, one of the top psychiatrist in Delhi says, “Improving your mental health is half the battle won, while achieving great things in life”. He says, “In a fast paced city like Delhi, where people are always on the go, it is but obvious people suffer from depression and anxiety”. The constant stress that we face due to the increasing competition leads to diseases like depression and anxiety. Here are a few things we list down for everyone who is looking for a solution to this constant stress:


Meditation is also one of the best ways to get out of stress. Even if you aren’t really facing any issues it will keep your mood uplifted throughout the day. It is also one of those measures that have no side effects.

Engage in Activities:

It is said that, “An empty mind is a devil’s workshop”. This is true. It is necessary to keep yourselves engaged and busy. This way you will keep yourself from over thinking and in turn help keep your mind stable.


Along with meditation you can also try doing some exercises. No! we are not asking you to join the gym. A simple stretching can go a long way in keeping your body fit. If your body is fit it will ultimately result in great mental health.

Getting Proper Consultation:

Accepting your issues and facing them head on. But we solemnly cannot decide what kind of issue we are facing or its severity. But we can always reach out to a good psychiatrist in Delhi for consultation. To get proper consultation it is necessary that you find options for the best depression treatment in Delhi. Dr. Dharmendra is one of the few epilepsy specialist in Delhi. He has carried out a number of anxiety disorder treatment in Delhi. He is also one of the top recommended schizophrenia doctors in Delhi. Dr. Singh is one of those bipolar doctors in Delhi that can treat almost any mental health issue regardless of its severity. His knowledge and experience in the field has made given him the top spot in the list of psychologist doctors in Delhi.