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2022 Top Trending Party Jewelry Designs You Should Know

Posted by : PC Jeweller on | Oct 20,2022

After a long gap of about three years, people have started social gatherings again, and as you get ready for any event, you might realize that you have lost the grip over the trends.

So many things have changed, and so has the fashion industry. Especially when it comes to accessories and jewelry, the preferences have changed.

Even the recent celeb style statement can be seen changed, and it is that point in time when you might need to reshuffle your dressing drawer, along with your jewelry box.

We have collected a few top trending latest jewelry designs you should know.

Let's explore the latest fashion trends when it comes to party jewelry designs.

Maximalist Jewelry

Maximalist jewelry is the bold, extravagant, out-and-out style statement you need to know about. The best feature of Maximalist jewelry is its flexibility and dynamic adaptability that does not restrict to specific designs.

Its striking feature is the repetitions and combinations it takes, such as necklace layers, stacked earrings, and chained pendants.

Of course, it is not just stacking jewelry pieces together; the Victorian royal colors and patterns make them even more eye-catching.


Candy Designed Jewelry

As the name suggests, candy-designed jewelry is obviously necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry items made of vibrantly juicy colors that look gorgeously stunning but deliciously tasty.

It is basically embedding jewelry items with colorful and cute-looking gemstones that come in vibrant and radiant color hues. Gemstones like emeralds, rubies, peridot, sapphires, and many more mesmerizing gemstones and gemstone beads.

These days you can see so many new designs and patterns too that somewhere symbolize candies, such as lollipop rings, chunky bracelets, floral earrings, gummy bear pendants, sea shell candy necklaces, and more.


Sui Dhaga Designs

Primarily the design goes with earrings. Sui dhaga is something very well thought out and looks amazingly alluring. Sui dhaga design is precisely what its name suggests. 

Sui is the needle, and dhaga is the thread. Therefore, this design's pattern is based on how a thread gets woven into the needle; the two lightweight chain-like dangles get woven around the ear.

This fascinating design is perfect for those who have multiple piercings. These earrings are elongated ones, yet are lightweight and highly convenient to wear while looking extremely staggering.


Silver Rule

Although gold jewelry hasn't loosened its hold, sterling silver is the newfound love for many. Sterling silver looks eternal, elegant, sophisticated, smart, modern, and equally beautiful. 

With its easy-to-wear convenience, polished texture, affordability, and being an everyday wear item, every piece of jewelry made of sterling silver makes it a popular choice among people.

Plus, sterling silver jewellery looks equally good both in casual wear and special events.

Make Way For Pearls

After diamonds, if anything, a woman's heart wishes for in jewelry is pearls. And if we say those dazzlingly cute pearls are back in a trend that what would be your reaction?

These breathtaking gemstones look adorable that will take any festive night out or formal event to the next level.

Pearls in varying sizes, shapes, and colors create a lovely, refreshing, unexpected, and unique look!

When it comes to party jewelry, there is no limit to what you can wear! If you're looking for something special to wear to your next event, you should check out some of the top trending party jewelry designs of 2022.