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15 Popular Dog names Inspired By Bears

Posted by : Mary D See on | Sep 14,2020

Many Americans love dogs like family members, and apparently name them like children. Sometimes these are so interesting to hear some unusual names and the story behind those. 

Say a dog owner got inspired from bears and named their dog on a bear’s name ...isn’t that funny? ..lolz

After a few research on google, I got a number of dog names more or less commonly inspired from bears. From those, I like one name called Monarch. Sounds familiar a bit?  

You got right! That is the Californian wild grizzly bear!

The website, wowpooch.com compiled a list of name ideas inspired by bears names for 2020.

The name Gobi has the top position which is a brown bear usually found only in the Gobi desert in Asia! 

Another asian name seems funny to me, is Panda! What if somebody calls their pup a Panda?Isn’t that funny too? Do you get scared? I think no!

However, I will get a bit scared if somebody calls Grizzly


Some dog parents are fans of greek mythologies and name their dog as Nanuk. In Eskimo mythology, it refers to the master of bears; also means polar bear in Inuit.


I think asian people are more inspired by bears’ names. Therefore they put a number of inspiring names like Kuma- a Japanese word means bear. 

In that list, some of the most common names are generated or related with one name Ursula! Which means little she-bear in latin!
And I see that one word became the mother of six more names: Ursa, Ursine, Ursina, Orsola, Orsolya, Ursel ! All these names are for girl dogs of course.  

Bernard and Arthur got  topped the list for boys. So why are these so popular?


After some try, I found Bernard means bold as a bear in Anglo-Saxon and Norman French. And Aurthur means strong as a bear!