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‘Tangerine’ shot on the iPhone 5S Gathering Critical Accolades

Posted by : Anand Srivastava on | Apr 02,2015

We are all pretty familiar with the Smartphone revolution and with the latest case of shooting an entire movie; things look brighter in days to come. Featured at the ‘Sundance Film Festival’ was Tangerine, a movie that portrays how Hollywood’s transgender prostitutes brave out the inclement situations around. Not just the story but the entire concept underlining the shoot happens to be a new and compact one with the iPhone 5S being the tool in hand.

With the movie gathering critical reviews, iPhone 5S and the technology featured along needs to be applauded as well.

What started off as a budgetary option for the entire crew offered a lot of perks on the way, with improvised camera features involving efficient circling of the characters. While the technology helped, the size added to the credibility quotient, as the shooting device could now be maneuvered accordingly.  

Sean Baker, Director quoted that “We had to embrace it. And it quickly became as aesthetic choice”.

Some might argue as how can the iPhone 5S be aesthetic is terms of usage but the director differs in opinion, stating that if you know how to use it, then it might be the best possible tool in hand and that too with an aesthetic appeal.

What was needed!

An app named as the Filmic Pro, costing $8 was needed. This application offers a careful control in terms of aperture, focus and even the color temperature. Other perks offered include the availability of the Steadicam which prevents the iPhone from shaking besides the adapter lenses. Baker’s team however opted for the Moondog Labs prototypes for the best results. The strategy for uploading trailers was easy as well with top100 most popular Instagram hashtags available for general use.

The iPhone 5S is certainly one of the lightest gadgets around and shaking is more of a pertinent issue. This is whereas the Filmic Pro comes good with the rig involved to stabilize the shoots. Adapter lenses were anamorphic which elevated the viewing experience to the cinematic level.

This vigil had many skeptics lingering around including one of the lead actors. Things changed when the final print was released after going through the editing and the production software. The entire look was enhanced and even the critics were left amazed.

iPhone’s flexibility is immense; stating from shooting in those public areas without any prior permission to the technological prowess involved.

While the entire cast needed a bit of reassurance, the output came out to be great with the movie closing in on critical supremacy.